In this unusual romance, hand-tinted sand, becomes a metaphor for two souls as they join and separate.
A lonely fish, hooked by an angler’s line, encounters another in the same dire situation. As the two struggle, they develop an inevitable, entangling attraction. Is it love or merely a will to survive?

With a radical new approach to sand-animation, Corrie Francis Parks tells this fluid tale of love and entanglement.
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  • What’s Sand Animation?

    Combining the traditional techniques of sand animation with digital processing, A Tangled Tale, is unlike any animated short film.

    Sand animation was first pioneered in the 1970s by Caroline Leaf in an exquisite short film, “The Owl Who Married a Goose”. The technique involves moving sand on a backlit plate of glass, creating silhouetted animation that is captured frame-by frame by a camera above.

    Each frame is destroyed in the process of creating the next so the sand animator must plan her scenes carefully and pray she does not sneeze! Take a peek behind the scenes of “A Tangled Tale” and learn about my unique process.

    I have always found creative ways to incorporate color in this traditionally black and white medium. Take a look at some of my past sand animation films and you will have a better understanding of the visual history leading to “A Tangled Tale”

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Painted Pixels, Shifting Sands

A solo show that takes you through the mind of an animator, Painted Pixels, Shifting Sands will open Feb 1 at Big Sky’s Warren Miller Performing Art Center(more…)


Catch and Release!

Two years ago, over 150 people rallied behind a little sandy animation project on Kickstarter called A Tangled Tale(more…)

IndyFest Laurels

The Complete List of Film Festivals

The sandy fish are swimming their way around the world! Here is the complete festival screening list. (more…)


Upcoming Festivals

I’m thrilled to announce A Tangled Tale  is an official selection at Annecy 2013 as well as the Palm Springs ShortFest and  Hamburg International Shortfilm Festival(more…)


Tricky Women Int’l Animation Festival

I’m on the ground in the beautiful city of Vienna for Day 1 of the Tricky Women International Animation Festival. (more…)

Hand-tinted DVDs

Why I care about craft…

Back when I made my first films, I had stacks of hundreds of drawings – one for each frame of the film – leftover after everything was shot and transferred to tape. (more…)


Making of…

I have mixed feelings about revealing my animation secrets. On the one hand, I’ve put in long hours of experimentation to hone my techniques and they are what set my animation apart from the crowd. (more…)


Thank You Backers!

A very big sandy “Thank You!” to all the wonderful people behind this film. (more…)


Awards and Mentions

* “A Tangled Tale” has been awarded a Big Sky Film Grant by the Montana Film Office!

* Best Animated Short at the Durango Independent Film Festival

* 1st Prize at the ASIFA-San Francisco Spring Festival

* Now Online! A Tangled Tale is a Vimeo Staff Pick and Cartoon Brew Pick of the Day!

* Read an interview with Director Corrie Francis Parks on the Skwigly Animation Blog

* Corrie reveals all her secrets on the Animated Women’s Animator Showcase

* Some local Montana luv from the Big Sky Weekly.

* Our kickstarter rewards featured on the Kickstarter Tumblr!

* Read Signe Baumane’s top picks from the Tricky Women Animation Festival.

* TT featured on Mid-Current’s Video Hatch

* Want to find out more about what goes into a Kickstarter campaign? You can read the full report on Corrie’s Blog: Reflections on a Kickstarter Adventure

Festival Screenings

*  Annecy International Animation Festival Annecy, France

AnimaMundi Rio de Janeiro /Sao Paulo

Dallas International Film Festival Dallas, TX

Palm Springs ShortFest Palm Springs, CA

* KLIK! Amsterdam Amsterdam, The Netherlands

See the full festival list.

Corrie Francis Parks

That’s me! I’m an award-winning animator, creator of 6 short films and numerous commercial works. I approach each project from a fresh perspective of stylistic opportunity, aiming to strike a balance between communication and visual innovation. When not in my studio animating away, I’m out playing in the closest mountain range.

Mark Orton

Mark is part of the San Francisco based group, Tin Hat Trio. In addition to his work with Tin Hat, Mark has a vibrant career as a composer, and frequently works with film. In fact, he was nominated for Best New Composer by The International Film Music Critics Association in 2006 and was recently a Sundance Institue Composer Fellow. I’m thrilled to be working with him on “A Tangled Tale”.

Cole Pierce

Sound Design
Cole Pierce is an artist and videographer living in Chicago. He earned his MFA (2007) from Northwestern University, exhibits his work internationally and co-authors Field Mic, a sound art and music blog. He worked on the score and sound design of Life in Perpetual Beta, a feature length documentary and has produced numerous short documentaries of education programs for the Chicago Teachers’ Center of NEIU.


149 people backed the film during our kickstarter campaign and several addition people have donated! To see the support flowing in was such an encouragement. Thanks to everyone who pledged and shared the project! There’s still time to add your name to this list of fabulous people.