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Why I care about craft…

Back when I made my first films, I had stacks of hundreds of drawings – one for each frame of the film – leftover after everything was shot and transferred to tape.

Those boxes are still sitting in my parents attic, lonely artifacts of a film in its prime. With sand animation, each frame is destroyed in the process of creating the next. I love this “leave-no-trace” method of animating, because there is nothing to take up space in a storage bin or landfill at the end. However, I miss having a hand-made memento of the film which reflects the artistry I so carefully put into each frame. So, when it comes time to creating the rewards for supporters I have a decision to make – I can go the cheap and fast route which has invaded out market-driven economy, or I can approach these artifacts as individual works of art, using the same care and attention I have put into every frame of the film. I suppose you can guess from the time it’s taken to fill the rewards, which route I’ve opted for.

A few shout outs to the artisans who have helped me make your rewards:

I’ve known Michael Nelson at Grafx8 for years. The Michael prints all my photography  and his commitment to artists is the reason I trust him so much. These are limited edition museum-quality giclee prints.

I’ve enjoyed working with the team at Stumptown Printers in Portland. With their expert advice, I was able to turn the sandy images from the film into a textural letterpress design. There is enough plastic in the world, and these recycled paper DVD cases are sturdy and elegant. Each disc is hand-stamped with its own unique variations and for the upper-level reward, I’ve created a special edition of the DVDs which are hand-tinted with watercolor and autographed.  I can’t really describe how excited I get each time I pick one up. They look and feel SO classy!

The film will make its digital journey around the world, and come to rest in some archived hard-drive in a few years, but I hope that these “things” will be a joy to you and something you will want to keep in your home for years to come.

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