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Tricky Women Int’l Animation Festival

I’m on the ground in the beautiful city of Vienna for Day 1 of the Tricky Women International Animation Festival. After about 20 hours of travelling, I was welcomed with a hug by Katrin, one of the festival organizers (who was very worried when I didn’t show up for the taxi because my connection in Frankfurt was delayed.) Wein also greeted me with some early spring sunshine, which led me to shed my Montana layers in no time and get out on the streets with my sketchbook.

Once the sun went away, it was time to settle in for some films! Today I watched 23 short animations, all of which were high-caliber productions. A Tangled Tale is in good company. I was not surprised to see lots of stop-motion, but was surprised to see almost no 3-D animation! I also met a couple of the jury members and one of my backers! Tomorrow is the BIG DAY, when A Tangled Tale debuts on the big screen! Say a prayer, ring a bell, wish upon a star, scratch your left ear lobe three times – whatever you feel is necessary to give our little film the premiere it deserves.

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